Advance Detectors

Abandoned Object Detector:
Security problem raises as a global issue during the last decade, many efforts are underway to increase the security in public place, one of which is to introduce intelligent video content analysis into existing surveillance system. NovoSun's abandoned object detection can detect suspicious or unattended objects in crowd environment such as shopping mall, railway station or airport, even if the objected are occluded in a short period of time. Moreover, it can help monitor Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) in order to detect any attached object or label on the ATM, since it may probably be some unlawful attachments such as misleading instruction or illegal card reader. When integrated with NovoSun's License Plate Recognition (LPR), our abandoned object detection can be applied to detect illegal parked vehicle since it has similar statistical behavior with unattended object in video content analysis. Whenever abandoned object detector detects an illegal parked vehicle, LPR will be triggered to capture an image of the vehicle and recognize the license plate number correspondingly, which can help reduce the overall activity cost.

Missing Object Detector:
Valuable things are always necessary to be kept an eye on, especially artifacts and artworks in museum and public exhibition. However, existing surveillance system only provides evidence for post-incident investigation and cannot prevent property loss. Therefore, intelligent analysis is always highly desired to help improving the security and missing object detection perfectly suits this requirement. With NovoSun's missing object detection, object which is stolen or moved can be found out immediately followed by an automatically generated alarm. The system can also distinguish between abandoned objects and missing objects automatically.

Out of Focus Detector:
Changing the lens of a camera will lead to out of focus, which can be detected by out of focus detector to ensure that the camera is not adjusted without notice.

Scene Change Detector:
When camera is moved or occluded, scene change detector can respond to the change and trigger an alarm immediately.

Violence Detector:
Violence Detection is an attractive function to surveillance agents for monitoring abnormal activities in public area, alley or prison. The detector will trigger an alarm signal if an event of fighting happens in user-specified area.

Crowd Detector:
Crowd Detection is an attractive feature for surveillance agents to monitor abnormal activities in public area, or to manage people flow. The detector will trigger an alarm signal if the density of people in user-specified area exceeds pre-defined crowd threshold, it can also be used for both static and PTZ cameras in different environment.