Version 2.5.7 (Sept 4, 2015)

- Add support to mobile app. 
- Video Analytics are bundled into CyeWeb.


Version 2.5.4 (Nov 1, 2013)

- Update decoding components and now have better decode performance


 Version 2.5.3d (Aug 2, 2013)

- Suppot ONVIF
- Add minor functions. 
- Integrate with NovoSun EyeSphere solution
- Fix bugs in recordings. 


 Version 2.5.2 (Jan 13, 2012)

- Suppot overhead people counter module.
- Better error-tolerance to H.264 and Mpeg4 camera.
- Fix B-frame problem in H.264 stream
- Support new cameras: FuHo, DCK, ITA, HiStream, etc.
- Support CMS 2.1.
- Improve video smoothness and frame-drop prevention in Preview. 
- Limit GPU decode to at most concurrently 5 videos for each graphic card.
- Support Multiple Network Adapters in Video Server Module.
- Counter Statistics moudle Can export statistics information to Excel format.
- Support Standard VCA 2.0 module, which produce more accurate detection result with advance computer vision algorithm.
- Add "Fix Broken Media Files" function in Tools menu.
- Fix upside down video problem.
- Add HikVision "HikH.264 correct to Std H.264" setting. 
- User can now exclude "Channel Name" and "Preset Sequence" during copy channel setting.
- Show Channel Name on channel selection dialog/control.
- Improve Channel Grouper Tree: Channel Name is used to replace user define name; New Add Channel dialog.
- Support Profiling to hide unused components.


Version 2.4.3 (Jan 3, 2011)

- Support New Camera: Bosch, A-MTK, Samsung, HIStream, etc 
- Improve camera support: Dahua Camera DIO, HikVision new series camera, Axis PTZ, Arecont ROI&D/N, PIXORD and Zavio H.264 stream, etc. 
- Add PTZ speed bar. 
- Add GPU decode feature. (user should use this feature carefully) 
- Add SMS sending module. 
- Add Megapixel-Zoom module. 
- Add camera management view. 
- Add and improve languages: Italian, Portuguese and French. 
- Fix bugs and improve performance. 
- Add more APIs to SDK. 


Version 2.3.12c (May 19, 2010)

- Fix an issue for NVIDIA CUDA version Analytics.


Version 2.3.12 (May 9, 2010)

- Support RTSP server extension
- Support Video Wall Manager
- Support More Cameras
- Fix On-Screen Keyboard problem on 64-bits window
- Fix POS overlay problem
- Add Preset Goto, Set and Clear buttons on main UI. Preset Set and Clear are supported in Pelco-D PTZ module and HikVision, Dahua camera/DVS
- Add more APIs to SDK.


Version 2.3.9 (Feb 13, 2010)

- Support More Camera: DaHua, Pelco
- Support Axis Camera in H.264
- Fix UI/menu freezed problem
- Fix Channel Sequence Module bug
- Add media file re-index function
- Add "delete media files after days" function.
- Improve performance and fix bugs
- Improve error tolerance to broken H.264 stream
- Fix bug in last version that recording or streaming may stop in some cases. 
- Support new language: Lithuanian


Version 2.3.5 (Oct 21, 2009)

- Support AdvanTech DIO.

- Support CHIYU DIO (Serial/IP)

- Replace motion detection module with new one of better performance and accuracy. (note, you need to reconfigure the setting for the new motion detection module when you use this new version.)

- Fix Pelco-D PTZ Device issue.

- Fix issue on new HikVision MP cameras.

- Support Polish.

Note: Extension module (such as fire/smoke, advance analytics, etc) must be updated accordingly when using with this new version.


Version 2.3.1 (August 10, 2009)

- Digital Zoom

- Preview Sequence

- Preset Sequence

- Support Pelco-D Keyboard

- Support Arecont Vision H.264 camera.

- Support Secondary Port in Video Server

- Extension Modules (e.g. Advance Video Analytic ) now can be purchased separately in per-channel license.


Version 2.2.13a (January 24, 2009)

- Improve performance, startup and close time

- Fix bugs in video server.


Version 2.2.13 (January 15, 2009)

- Support PTZ Preset, patrol, camera tracking, etc.

- Add PTZ Preset Event-Trigger module.

- Support standard H.264 camera such as Axis, AVTech, etc.

- Support generic RTSP H.264/Mpeg4/MJPEG camera/DVS.

- Support Messoa ANPR camera.

- Support more Airlink camera.

- Improve performance in streaming from MJPEG camera.

- Support auto-reconnect in windows media streaming.

- Fix bug in recording video to network drive.

- Update player and codec pack.


Version 2.2.9 (November 4, 2008)

- Fix lagging problem in playback.

- Support frame stepping in playback.

- Support HikVision megapixels camera.

- Improve live view performance in the HTTP web control.

- Combine mpeg4 and HikVision’s codec into the HTTP web control. Remote web user now does not need to install our codec pack separately if the video streams are in M-JPEG, Mpeg4, or HikVision’s codec.

- Other minor bug fixed and improvement.

- Update codec pack to 1.6.7.


Version 2.2.8 (October 14, 2008)

- Add storage option to save video data into database file. 
With this option, video can be played back immediately after it is recorded without breaking down recording file. This is useful in instant playback, remote playback and POS transaction query, etc.

- Add Tag Overlay Filter to overlay event tag on live video.

- Add POS Transaction Overlay Filter to overlay transaction details on live video.

- POS Net Service now supports transaction remote query (POS query over IP).

- Support Digital I/O of Axis, Panasonic, ACTi, HikVision, and Samsung camera, etc.

- Support RS232 alarm box.

- Support event buttons in E-MAP. 
With the event buttons on E-MAP, operators can manually generate event by just pressing a button.

- Add Channel Grouper Panel to main UI. User now can group channels in tree-view.

- Add event forwarding module to Advance Event Handler.

- Add a manual-record button to channel control bar. 
This allows operator to manually start or stop recording. This is useful in the case that when the operator notices something abnormal but event detector doesn’t alarm.

- Operators now can logout without restarting the software.

- Add connection-fault event to trigger alarm when DVS/remote CyeWeb/IP camera is disconnected.

- Support preview tabs auto-switching.

- Sound alarm now stays abnormal until user reset (or click on) the alarm indicators.

- Fix the issue that video cannot be shown when using Remote Desktop.

- Fix the issue that some little amount of video data may lose when recording is split into a new file.

- Improve remote playback performance.

- Update SDK to version 1.0.1.


Version 2.2.1 (August 29, 2008)

- Add Net Service module to support remote playback, event forwarding and event injection.

- Support single and timeline remote playback and management. Users can remotely playback/ search/edit/delete/export video and tag.

- Add Event Subscriber module (under Advance Event Handler). User can subscribe events remotely (over IP) from other instances of CyeWeb.

- Add POS net service. POS module now has net service to receive transaction over IP. With our SDK third-party developer can build application to inject transaction to our POS module locally or remotely. This feature is particularly for POS system manufacturer to connect their POS system to CyeWeb.

- HikVision Compression card module has been updated.

- Support more INTELLINET cameras.

- SDK 1.0 released.


Version 2.1.18 (August 5, 2008)

- Fix problems in version 2.1.17.

- Support Mpeg4 and audio of Panasonic IP cameras.

- Update codec pack to version 1.6.2.


Version 2.1.17 (July 28, 2008)

- Supports attach video. 
This feature allows user to concurrently retrieve 2 streams from dual streams camera/DVS, probably one for live view and one for storage/broadcast. (For example, CIF/15fps stream for live view to reduce decoding requirement, and 4CIF/30fps stream for storage.)

- Supports screen division template.
User can define their screen division template, which makes showing 32 or 64 channels in one single monitor possible.

- Support AVTech camera Mpeg4/MJPEG.

- Support ACTi camera Mpeg4/ MJPEG.

- Support Axis camera Mpeg4.

- Support Samsung Techwin cameras/DVR/DVS - (SNC-550, SNP-3300, SNP-1000, SVR-16xx, SNS-xxx, etc.)

- Add module to Popup video on event.

- Add regular expression pattern in defining tag of interest.

- Add broken file link checker.

- Other minor enhancements and bug-fixed.


Version 2.1.8 (May 13, 2008)
- Support wildcards on video and event searching.
- Add Transact (PoS) module.
- Add Object Counter Statistics Graph module.
- Add advance video export function.
- Add Spot Screen module.
- Support HikVision network camera and DVS.
- Improve latency on low network bandwidth.
- Reduce CPU loading on network transmission and decoding.
- Improve memory usage.
- Other minor enhancements and bug-fixed.


Version 2.1.1 (Mar 20, 2008)

- Roll-back .net framework requirement to 3.0

- Channels can now be arranged by drag-and-drop on preview and timeline playback.

- Add “E-Map” application module.

- Support multi-playback: user can instantiate unlimited number of playback windows.

- Add “Instant Playback”: popup playback window with a click on the preview video. Playback video and position is set automatically to the time when the click occurs.

- Add “Timeline playback”: user can now access recorded videos with a 24-hour (down to second) timeline and date control. All video/audio from different channels can be played synchronously in negative and positive speed.

- Add “Site book” function in “Connect to other CyeWeb” module.

- Add option in object count presenter to show tag and count value on the upper-left corner of the video.

- Support Arecont Vision IP camera.

- Add “Copy Channel Setting” capability to channel setting dialog.

- Add “Program Status Log” application module.

- Add “Decode video/audio” and “decode profile” options in compression module.

- Fix a memory issue that could cause erratic behavior on long-time running.

- Other minor enhancements and bug-fixed.


Version 2.0.10 (Feb 6, 2008)

- Support a lot more IP/Network cameras.


Version 2.0.7 (Jan 16, 2008)

- Fixed bugs


Version 2.0.6 (Jan 10, 2008)

- Support multi-languages.

- Search and bind basic modules on first-time startup.

- More application persistence.

- Refinement and bug-fixed on DirectShow capture source.

- Fixed some minor bugs.


Version 2.0.4 (Dec 23, 2007)

- Fixed a bug that was introduced in version 2.03. This bug causes all functions in advance video analysis to fail. If you use these functions, a very big error log file will be generated.


Version 2.0.3 (Dec 20, 2007)

- Video Search Enhancement: 
Add advance search dialog. Now the search keyword can partially or exactly match the tags of the search results, and searching can be in arbitrary time range and search channels.

- Web Viewer Enhancement: 
Now user can select main channel in web viewer.

- Reset to default setting on abnormal shutdown: 
Now a dialog will show up to ask whether the user want to reset settings to default values after an abnormal shutdown.

- Add Application Persistence: 
Now CyeWeb can remember the window positions, sizes, and floating windows last time it was closed.

- Add Run/Stop Channel Permission.

- Add UI locking; you can also set monitoring area to full screen.

- You can configure to run schedule and lock UI on program startup.

- Now you can reset application settings to default values on the Configuration dialog.

- Fixed the problem that some computers do not correctly install the web viewing ActiveX control.

- Fixed some minor bugs.