Central Monitor System (CMS)

CMS is a rich operating client software. Both CyeWeb and EyeSphere have CMS. This page is mainly an introduction to CMS for CyeWeb.

NovoSun CMS is designed for large-scale video surveillance deployment and projects. With NovoSun CMS, CyeWeb can work as streaming/recording server and host in many PCs in multiple locations/regions to connect hundreds to thousand cameras and then user can manage easily these large amount cameras at any location with CMS at any time. CMS has features including live view, video sequencing, PTZ control, ROI selection, single/multi playback, account management, panorama view, event handling, video popup, e-map and video wall control, etc.

Main features of CMS are concluded as follows:



Client/Server Architecture

Unlimited CMS clients support. Video channels in CyeWeb can be connected by unlimited numbers of CMS clients simultaneously

Unlimited Connection

Each CMS client is capable of connecting to unlimited numbers of CyeWebs and channels

Multiple Layout Templates and Configuration

Users can choose to use different layout templates or show e-map and live videos concurrently in the same monitor(limited to 64 video channels at most in a single monitor)

Account Management

Each user has one’ s ID/password to login

Live View

Preview video channels in real-time

PTZ Control

Control camera’ s pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris, etc.

Single/Multi Playback

Replay recorded videos through time and date selection

Digital Zoom and ROI

Digital zoom is supported in live view mode, and the ROI(Region of Interest) of a live video can be specified as a new video channel

Multi-level e-Map

Each video channel or camera can be located in any level of e-map. Alarm spot will show up on the map if any camera is alarm triggered, and then user can directly drag the alarmed device on the map to live view window in order to see the live situation

Panorama View

Combine multiple camera videos into one single video

Event Handler

Draw event results, such as object trajectories, alarm rectangle, virtual lines and event tags, etc. on live videos, pop-up alarm video and show alarm messages.




Panorama View






Event Handling