NovoSun EyeSphere

EyeSphere is a Video Management Software (VMS). In contrast with CyeWeb (our NVR software), it is specially designed for large number of cameras project. In other words, the more cameras you use, the more convenience you find on using EyeSphere.


EyeSphere has the following highlight features.


Comparing with many other VMS software in the market, EyeSphere is very inexpensive, but the features of EyeSphere fits most video surveillance project needs.

Moreover, it supports many inexpensive China-made camera such as Wapa, Dahua and HikVision, etc.

Distributed Deployment

You can install all components of EyeSphere into one single PC, or offload the loading to tens or hundreds PCs, depending on the number of camera being managed.

Simple installation

With a few mouse clicks, you can finish adding thousands cameras to the system.  With another couple mouse clicks, you can move/offload the loading of hundreds cameras from one PC to another PC.

In other words, using EyeSphere, not only you can save a lot of work load during the first time installation, if your projects has couple phrases, you can easily add more cameras and offload the system loading to additional PCs in later phrases.

Moreover, no system or account settings need to be manually backed up or moved during moving or offloading. They are synchronized to all sub-systems automatically.

User Account Authorization

EyeSphere supports User and User Group authorization. Camera permissions and feature permissions can be easily assigned to User or User Group with our Managing Client Program. This provides a flexibility to meet multi-level authorization requirement.

Support Video Content Analysis

We have Video Synopsis specially designed for EyeSphere. Video Synopsis is an approach to create a short video summary of a long recorded video.

EyeSphere can also work with our other VCA such as Objecting Counting, Missing Object Detection, Fire/Smoke detection, etc.

Simple and good looking UI

EyeSphere has a compact and clear UI design. Logos and pictures in the software can be replaced easily.

Additionally, Managing features and Operating features are clearly separated into 2 client programs. Administrator uses the managing client, operator uses the operating client. Cameras or features can be hidden by administrator in setting or user permission so that operator just see and use a few buttons to control and monitor the cameras.

Compact but functional

EyeSphere fits the needs of more than 90% video surveillance projects. This means EyeSphere not only has all the basic features that a VMS should have, it also have advance features like Video Wall, Video Stitching and Video Synopsis, etc.


EyeSphere Topology

As you can see in the topology, EyeSphere is a group of software including Main Server, Stream Server, Event Server, Client Entry Server, Recording Server, Video Wall Control, Video Matrix, Main Client and CMS. The loading of the whole system can be offload to unlimited number of PCs.

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