Other Downloads

NovoSun Player      

Version: 1.1
- This is a portable player to play the .asf that exported from CyeWeb. You can store the player in a memory stick.
- The computer to run the player must have Microsoft .net 4.0 or above installed. Codec pack is not required. 

NovoSun Codec Pack     

- If you want to play the .asf file recorded with CyeWeb in computers other than the one with CyeWeb installed, this codec pack may be required to be installed in those computers. If you use CyeWeb to broadcast native MJPEG or HikVision H.264 media, the remote computer (view with IE or WMP) also need to have this codec pack installed.
- You do NOT need to install this codec pack in computers with CyeWeb installed.

Screen Division Designer       

Note: A program to design your screen divsion. 

HDD Space Calculator      

Note: Calculate HDD space requirement for your deployment.  

bt8x8 open driver      

- This is a generic open driver that may or may not work with your capture card. You have to test it yourself.
- This is NOT our driver but is a widely-used open driver on Internet. In our tests, this driver is not 100% reliable, especially in high video resolution or running with different types or brands of PCI capture devices. Sometimes your system would crash. So use this driver at your own risk. - The developer website of this driver is at http://btwincap.sourceforge.net .
- Here are some pictures of the generic cards that are compatible with the this driver.