Video Wall

Video Wall is used for large scale deployment of TV Wall monitoring and layout patrol. Both EyeSphere and CyeWeb support Video Wall.


The system diagram of Video Wall is shown below:




Video Wall consists of three components: Video Matrix Program, Video Wall Controller Program and CMS Video Wall Client. Video Matrix Program is installed on servers/PCs that are used for wall video decode and display. Video Wall Controller Program manages all Video Matrix Programs and sends control signal to them, it can be installed on any server or PC. CMS Video Wall Client is used to set up video wall configuration and send the setting information to Video Wall Controller.

For example, in the above diagram, there are four servers running Video Matrix Programs and controlling nine screens in total. Video Wall Controller synchronizes Video Matrices and sends messages to them in order to control when to do view switching. CMS Video Wall Client sends video wall setting from user to Video Wall Controller in order to change or update the patrol strategy.